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Childbirth educators and doulas are working tirelessly to help women and families feel more confident, and have more positive experiences, but it can feel like an uphill battle at times. We all have those moments where we wonder if we can continue working the long hours, being on-call – and all the other little struggles we face running our day-to-day businesses.

We know how hard it can be to run the administrative side of the business. From answering phone calls and emails, to finding creative and affordable ways to market yourself, it can be a struggle.

Discover Birth wants to help. We want to help you run your business so you can focus on what you’re really good at: teaching and attending births.

We know why we keep going: when a woman/couple tells us the incredible impact we’ve made on their experience, it feels like the best job out there!

Why Join Us?

Just because we are ‘small business’, doesn’t mean we have to look it!

Discover Birth has a vision of doulas and educators around the world putting forth a professional image. It’s this professionalism that will help us get noticed; not only by our potential clients, but also by the very people we need to create change in the birthing world.

Clients want to hold a nice brochure in their hands, not one photocopied at the local convenience store. They want to see a professional website. They want to meet with someone who knows how to speak professionally, and demonstrate that this isn’t just about someone who is passionate about birth, but someone who has committed their life, career, time and energy to being at the top of their game. We can show you how to do this….are you in?

Are you a new educator or doula? Great, congratulations! You will soon experience the amazing joy of the special impact you will have on couples in your area.

By becoming a Discover Birth educator you will immediately have access to a website with your own page for your specific location. You will be up-and-running in one day, instead of the months it takes to get a good website off the ground. And that’s not even counting the search engine optimization to get you good rankings, and updating content regularly. You will have an 800 number to screen your calls and forward only those interested in booking with you, saving you valuable time to market your business.

Are you an existing, experienced educator or doula? Congratulations for staying in the business! We know how challenging it can be. We know the costs can really add up. We think that by sharing all the regular costs of doing business, we can all do it with fewer administrative duties (saving you time) and fewer costs (saving you money). Plus, we leave the marketing ideas, website design, brochure creation, administrative duties to the experts, which we can afford only TOGETHER, banded with a common goal and passion for what we do.

What’s Included?

So you’re probably wondering how to become a Discover Birth educator/doula and what’s involved?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…well almost. We now have different services because you have different needs. Check below to see which one best fits your needs. Note that not all services are available in all areas. Being a part of our team with a Full Membership requires an application process. You must have a minimum of 3 births experience prior to applying.


“Although I originally hesitated to spend money on my business to join Discover Birth, within 2 months I had signed a client that went on to make me over $10,000 in business! I work hard to make my business a success, and I love being part of a team that supports me.” Marcia Horbacio

Discover Birth offers multiple levels of service for those looking to build their business or expand their business skills. Please check the chart below to see the service that best fits your needs. Feel free to call us at any time to inquire further or ask questions about these packages.

Full Membership*

This level of membership is the perfect fit for those wishing to grow and run a childbirth business. It is ideal for those who wish to:

  • Have more than 2 clients per month
  • Be part of a team environment
  • Benefit from an existing website rather than recreating their own
  • Have assistance with managing calls and emails
  • Collaborate on ideas to grow their business
  • Share marketing costs and tasks


  • A binder with details on:
    • How to start your business (if you’re a new educator/doula)
    • How to give your business a boost (if you’re a seasoned educator/doula)
    • How to research your competitors and assess your specific market issues
    • How to find and set-up the ideal location to teach (home vs. facility)
    • How to market, which includes specific details on who to contact, how to do it, and includes all letters, postcards, advertisements, and other materials you’ll need (provided in hard copy and soft copy where applicable)
    • Sample curriculum outlines for teaching private or group classes (applies to doulas and educators)
    • Forms: legal forms for client sign-off on doula services, welcome packages to be sent to clients registered for classes, invoice templates, etc.
  • Jump drive (for your computer) with all soft copy forms and marketing materials
  • Brochures (you get up to 1,000 full-color brochures and options for purchasing extra brochures at reasonable fees)
  • Website page: you get your own website page and calendar. You maintain control of this page and can make changes at any time. You can also take payments through this page by getting yourself a free Paypal merchant account.
  • Phone line: you get access to a shared phone line answered by a professional who’s knowledgeable about our business and prepared to answer any questions potential clients might have. We know from experience clients are more likely to book if the phone is answered by a live person rather than an answering machine. The phone line will be equipped with your schedule so clients can be booked immediately over the phone. Once a client books into your class (for educators), or requests an interview (for doulas), the information will be sent to you via your preferred method (phone, email, or fax) for you to continue the booking process.
  • Email: you will get a email address which can be used through your usual email system (like Outlook) or via webmail. Discover Birth will respond to all inquiries sent through the website, either via phone or email (as specified by the potential client), and will forward client leads to you once confirmed
  • Discover Birth shirt for use on the job or while at local events
  • Access to a secured area of the website which will host various resources for educators and doulas
  • Ongoing monthly suggestions for how to improve based on team feedback through webinars and phone conference sessions (includes 2 hours of individual coaching time)
  • More… 

Cost: $40/month, + $250 initiation fee, + required marketing share of $10/month

* This level of membership is currently only available to those in the Greater Toronto Area and requires you go through an application process

Advertising Membership

This level of membership is the perfect fit for those wishing to add a bit of client volume to their existing business. It gives you the ability to advertise your services on our website, and is the perfect option for those without a website. This level of membership does not include handling of calls or email inquiries about your services (though they will be given your information to contact you).


  • Business in a box binder forms & templates
  • Editable web page
  • 2 one-hour coaching sessions
  • This package is a great starter package for those who need some guidance but aren’t sure where to start.
  • One-hour assessment/ coaching session $150 one-time fee
  • Business in a box binder
  • Forms & templates

Cost: $25/month, + $150 initiation fee Ɨ

Ɨ This level does not receive direct referrals from calls we accept to our 800 line.

A La Carte Items ($50 per session)

The following one-hour sessions are available one-on-one. Each lasts about an hour and includes handouts, referrals and guidance as necessary/applicable.

Setting-up a website: In this session you’ll learn how to set-up your own website, what considerations are important, where to go, how much it will cost, and more. You’ll end this session with a clear path of how to get your website up and running.

Marketing 101: In this session, Stefanie shares with you over a dozen ways you can market your business to get the clients you want. She will review what works and what doesn’t in this field and how to spend your money wisely. You will leave with a one-year plan and knowledge on how to implement it.

Assessing your target market and market size: This session will bring through a thorough assessment of your specific area to uncover how many potential clients you have and where they are.

Doula business basics: This session will share great information on pricing, scheduling, contracts, email and phone handling, and all the other common duties you’ll have in your doula business. You’ll come away with the knowledge to move forward confidently in your business.

Search Engine Optimization: In this session, Stefanie will share some of the basic theories behind increasing your Google ranking. She’ll discuss easy ways you can increase your Google ranking yourself, without paying high prices for professional optimization, which is great for big companies, but cost prohibitive for us little guys. You’ll come away with a list of at least 10 ways you can easily increase your traffic.

Basic Coaching: These sessions cover any issue of your choice. They are conducted by founder Stefanie Antunes.

If there’s a topic you need help with but don’t see it here, just call us and we’ll let you know if we have a session to cover it.

We really believe we can help you grow your business. We will  encourage you to try some proven business techniques. Some of these may be new to you and may take a bit of time to learn, but they’re all very simple to use and implement. Like all aspects of life “if you keep doing the same things, you can’t expect different results”.

If you’re looking for someone to find business for you, we’re NOT the right team for you, but if you’re looking to learn how to market and run your business effectively, we are the team for you! Discover Birth is the team to join if you’re looking to belong to a group of passionate women who will give you guidance and support.

Please contact us

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with additional questions including current pricing. If you’d like to read our contract, please contact us.

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